Thank you for visiting FreePokerGameDownload! The goal of this site is to provide people the downloads to online poker¬† software that is free to download, install, register for and play. I’ve made sure that each of the downloads provided here are safe and will also easily uninstall if you need to.

These are some of the most popular online poker sites for US players. You have probably heard of several of these already through TV, Radio and Ad placements.  The best online poker rooms will allow poker players to play online for free as long as they would like. These websites will do this because they know that most people will eventually play poker online for money.

Lets face it, most of the time it isn’t any fun playing texas holdem against a computer. I’ve seen a lot of poker games and CPU intelligence of the players leave something to be desired, aside for a couple of the newest games for the PS3, Wii or Xbox360. Most of the time, you won’t be properly prepared to play for real money when you spend your time beating up on computer opponents.

How do you get to the Free Poker Games?

Once you have downloaded the software, you may be required to register. The poker sites I have selected do not make you give out a lot of information. Usually they will just ask for a Screen Name, Name and email address.

After you have done all of this, you may be required to log into the poker program. You will be taken to the lobby of the poker network. This lobby may look fairly intimidating if you are new, but everything is easily explainable.

You can also find the best poker downloads for USA online poker sites here. For UK poker sites check out

Take a look at this screenshot of BetUS’s lobby:
betuspoker lobby Download Free Poker Games

Most poker lobbies will be somewhat similar to this. The second line down will show you where the Ring Games and Tournaments are. Inside the Table Schedule, you will see two rows at the top.

The first row shows you what version of poker you would like to play. The most common games to see are Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hold’em, Omaha Hi-Lo, 7 Card Stud and 7 Card Stud Hi-Lo. Other common games you may find include Razz Poker and 5 card poker games.

Where are the Free Poker Games?

Most of the lobbies in the poker software have a designated place for people who just want to play for fun. Usually, this can be found in the Poker Tables section of a lobby and is usually called Play Money or something similar.

If you take a look back at the screenshot above, the second row at the top has the Play Money section highlighted. Below that are the Play Money Ring Game tables that are playing Texas Hold’em. (Just look at which buttons are highlighted)

The schedule below may look confusing, but here’s the breakdown: The table column is just the Table’s name; Stakes are the small and big blinds; Limit means whether the table is NL (no limit) PL (pot limit) or FL (fixed limit); Seated are the players seated/max players; Waiting means that someone has reserved a seat at a full table; Plrs/Flop means what percentage of the players at the table are left to watch the flop.

The slight differences between one place and another are easier to navigate if you know the basics.

What you will find on this site

In addition to providing you with the downloads for each best poker site, you will also be able to find reviews for each of the poker rooms that are listed here. The review pages are where you will find the software download, along with information about their website.

You can click on the pictures in each of the reviews to enlarge them. There is a picture of each poker site’s lobby and poker table. To close them, there is a close button at the bottom right of the picture that pops up.

On the left sidebar, you will see each poker sites current first time depositor bonus.

The way the bonuses work: Unfortunately, these poker sites don’t give you the bonus money upfront. Some of them give you a portion of the bonus right away, but the other money is held until you earn the bonus money. This usually will happen in $5, $10, or $20 increments.

From time to time, I will update this site. If I find any other cool poker site that lets players practice and play for free, I will update the site with their screenshots and download information.

Take a look at the different online poker rooms and find one you like!

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